RuMSS and other participants of the 5th Russian Congress of Patients signed the Declaration Universal Access to Affordable Medicine. During the last 10 years global spending on medicine increased almost two times. Meanwhile, even the citizens of the wealthiest countries of the world cannot afford many new medical products.

 The issue of unsustainable medicine is one of the most important challenges for the global patient community. By solving it, we could achieve a significant breakthrough in healthcare and help drastically improve the condition of people, suffering with multiple sclerosis and other diseases, treatment of which requires big expenses.

Declaration of Universal Access to Affordable Medicine, that have been launched by a Canadian organisation, Tides of Canada, invites all involved parties to raise attention to this issue and work together to make treatments more affordable. The Declaration and the signatures will be presented to Dr. Margaret Chan, the Director-General of the WHO. We hope that unsustainable medicine will therefore become a major issue of attention at the highest level.

Any organisation or person, concerned with high costs of medical products can sign the Declaration here (  Every signature will contribute to resolution of this issue and help create such conditions, where the highest attainable standard of health is available for every human being, regardless of where they live.




Anastasya Savchenkova

International Affairs, RuMSS